#01 Striving For Excellence View
#02 Team Player: Let God Play On Your Team View
#03 Life’s Driving Force: Avoid Pain & Gain Happiness View
#04 Brain Surge: Conditioning The Mind View
#05 Choosing Life: The Awesome Power of Decision! View
#06 Health Whys: Greatest Wealth Is Health View
#07 Life Matters: What Do You Really Want Out of Life View
#08 Destiny Calls: What Do You Value? View
#09 Beyond Belief: Impact of Your Belief Systems View
#10 When No One Is Looking: Who Are You? View
#11 Bull’s Eye: Dreams Do Happen View
#12 Day In, Day Out: Choosing Good Rituals View
#13 Speaking of Confidence: Learn to be Confident View
#14 Mountain or Mole Hill: Problem Solving View
#15 Positively Know: How Do You See Things? View
#16 Money Talks: Healthy Money Attitude View 
#17 Banking On Your Future: Managing Your Money View
#18 Ships Ahoy: Having Good Relationships View

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