Author Steve Wohlberg chronicles fascinating statements by Protestant Reformers, revealing what they taught about ‘Antichrist’ in contrast to modern theories.” (from White Horse Media) See the Web site White Horse Media feature books, DVDs and other products. White Horse Media is directed by author, radio host, and national seminar speaker Steve Wohlberg. The full DVD set may be purchased at the White Horse Media store.
  1. Antichrist and the Bible
  2. Antichrist and the Rapture
  3. Antichrist and the Falling Away
  4. Antichrist and the Son of Perdition
  5. Antichrist In the Temple of God
  6. Antichrist and the Restrainer
  7. Antichrist and the Protestant Reformation
  8. Antichrist Revealed In His Time
  9. Antichrist and Jesus Christ in the Flesh
  10. Antichrist and the Counter-Reformation
  11. The Protestant Switch to a New Antichrist
  12. Remember the Alamo and the Martyrs

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