Discoveries In Prophecy
  1. Living Beyond 2000 
  2. Countdown to Eternity 
  3. A World In Turmoil
  4. Angel 911 
  5. How To Find Personal Peace 
  6. Alive At Endtime
  7. New Age Conspiracy
  8. The Beginning of The End
  9. Facing Revelation’s Judgement
  10. Why Our Streets Have Become Unsafe
  11. A 6000 Year Old Remedy For Tension
  12. The Greatest Religious Cover-up In History
  13. How To Identify A Cult
  14. The Coming 1000 Years
  15. What Happens When You Die?
  16. How To Sucessfully Bury The Past
  17. Will a Loving God Burn Sinners in Hell Forever
  18. The Bible’s Ancient Health Secrets Revealed
  19. Why So Many Denominations?
  20. The Mystery of Revelation’s Babylon Revealed
  21. Search For Certainty
  22. A Financial Secret The World Does not Know
  23. The Mark of The Beast
  24. The US In Bible Prophecy
  25. The Holy Spirit And The Unpardonable Sin
  26. Revelation’s Glorious Climax

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