Join Mark Finley, the speaker for Hope Channel International Television, for an incredible journey through time. You will be amazed at recent archeological discoveries that confirm the truthfulness of God’s Word. Main Page

  1. Amazing Discoveries In The Lost Cities of The Dead  Part a Part b
  2. Iraq, an Ancient King’s Dream, and Our Future
  3. Jesus, Jerusalem and Startling Endtime Predictions  Part a  Part b
  4. Good God! Bad World! Why?
  5. Echoes of Eternity
  6. The Child Born In The Middle East Who Will Change The World
  7. The Rumble of A Crumbling World
  8. All Eyes On The Temple
  9. Hope Beyond Tomorrow
  10. The Roman Empire, The United States And A Collapsing Society
  11. A Centuries Old Remedy For Stress  Part a Part b
  12. When Paganism and Christianity Shake Hands  Part a Part b
  13. Fatal Attraction of The Cults
  14. Mysteries Of The Mummies, Discover How To Live A Happier More Fullfilled, Abundant Life
  15. The Pyramids, The Bible, And The Secret Of Death Revealed
  16. Solving The Riddle Of Religious Confusion
  17. Financial Advise From The Worlds Most Wealthiest Men And The Worlds Wisest Book
  18. How To Bury The Past And To Experience Life At It’s Best
  19. Revelations Four Galloping Horseman And The Answer To Why So Many Denominations
  20. When Truth Triumphs – How To Discover Truth And Rejoice In The Certainty Of Knowing God’s Will
  21. The Mark Of The Beast The Mysterious Number 666 And Last Day Predictions
  22. Evil In Chains When The Great Controversy Between God And Evil Ends
  23. Journey To Eternity – What Is Heaven Like?

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