Steve Wohlberg

Christian books, magazines, web sites, TV programs & movies are now talking about a secret rapture, seven years of tribulation, the nation of Israel, a rebuilt Jewish Temple and a Middle East Armageddon.

Have important Bible truths been “Left Behind?” In this presentation you will discover the New Testament distinction between “Israel after the flesh” (1 Corinthians 10:18) and “the Israel of God” (Galations 6:14-16) centered in Jesus Christ. You will also gain vital insights into what the Book of Revelation really says about Mount Zion, the New Jerusalem, the Heavenly Temple, Babylon the Great and Armageddon. This timely resource has been a blessing to thousands around the world, and will prove to be a blessing to you!

  1. The Shocking Principle Of Two Israels WMV
  2. Israel And Jesus Christ
  3. Seven Years Of Tribulation?
  4. Titanic Truths About The Temple
  5. Israel, Babylon and Armageddon


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