Revelation Now is a Series of lectures by Jac Colón, which focuses on the last Bible Book and presents a method which allows the Bible itself to interptet it’s own mysterious symbols. Discover for yourself from God’s Book, the things which must soon take place. You can understand the End Times! Revelation is a life changing book that allows you to face the future with a calm assurance of hope instead of fear.
  1. Metallic Man Predicts The Future
  2. Angel Warfare
  3. The Dragon & The Woman
  4. Israel In Prophecy
  5. Miracles Today
  6. The Antichrist
  7. Science And The Bible
  8. The Lord’s Day
  9. Law And Grace
  10. Water And The Blood
  11. Three Angels’ Messages
  12. Battle For The Mind
  13. The Lamb Among The Beasts
  14. Mark of The Beast
  15. Life After Death
  16. The Rapture
  17. The Judgment
  18. Spiritual Gift’s Today
  19. The Church In Prophecy
  20. Babylon Has Fallen
  21. The Last Day
  22. The Unpardonable Sin
  23. Armageddon & You
  24. The Family of God

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  1. freelygiven says:

    I could not find what you are looking for. You can contact Pastor Hector Quinones at his website

  2. pearl says:

    your sermons are full of life continue to do what you are doing and may GOD continue to bless you and yours.

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