Brian McMahon
  1. Unlocking Revelation’s Mysteries
  2. Thief In The Night
  3. Confidence Amid Chaos
  4. Spiritualism Exposed
  5. Beyond 2000, The Next Millennium
  6. God’s Love Revealed in Hell Fire
  7. The Issue That Divides The World
  8. When Grace Becomes A Disgrace
  9. God’s Test Of Loyalty
  10. History’s Greatest Religious Cover-up
  11. The Subject That Satan Hates
  12. The Longest And Most Amazing Bible Prophecy
  13. The Secret To Good Health
  14. Unmasking The Anti-Christ
  15. The Mark Of The Beast And The Seal Of God
  16. America in Bible Prophecy
  17. Armagedon And The Seven Last Plagues
  18. Revelation’s Saints – A Peculiar People
  19. The Most Sought After Secret In The Bible
  20. Prophets And Prophecy, Visions And Dreams
  21. The Unpardonable Sin
  22. Heaven…Is It For Real?
  23. Overcoming Through The Word!
  24. The Lost Coin

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