In this fascinating series, Tony will take you back in time to understand the world of the Apostle Paul. The twenty episodes that make up this series were filmed entirely on location in Turkey, Israel, Syria, Greece, and Italy, and bring fresh meaning to Paul’s teachings by applying them to our life in the 21st century. It is saturated with Biblical teachings that affirm the great truths.
  1. From Tarsus To Jerusalem
  2. On The Damascus Road
  3. A Rabbi Discovers The Gospel
  4. Light For The Gentiles
  5. When Paul Got Stoned
  6. The Church Emerges
  7. The Mecadonian Vision
  8. Proving That Jesus Is The Christ
  9. The Blessed Hope
  10. The Noble Bereans
  11. Revealing The Unknown God
  12. Corinth- The Twin-harbored City
  13. The Mystery Solved
  14. Revival And Riots At Ephesus
  15. Return To Galatia
  16. Letters To Young Churches
  17. A Night To Remember
  18. Appeal To Caesar
  19. Finishing The Race
  20. Legacy of Paul

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