Join speaker Ron Halvorsen, Sr., as he shares eight unique perspectives on Jesus Christ. These programs are designed as reaping meetings to help people come to accept Christ.

  1. Jesus, Unique Son of God
  2. Jesus, Unique Creator
  3. Jesus: Unique Helper
  4. Jesus, Unique Savior
  5. Jesus: Unique Law Giver
  6. Jesus, Unique Life Giver
  7. Jesus, Unique Life-Changing Friend
  8. Jesus, Unique Coming King

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  1. dianeruth says:

    Thank you. Life changing, inspiring, and very timely.
    Born in Harlem, raised by SDA strangers, wandered for 40 years, returned to the fold 5 years ago. I need these sermons at this time in my life. Thank you and God bless you.

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