Hosted by veteran actor and narrator Hal Holbrook, this five-part documentary series traces the history of the Sabbath across the centuries and around the world.

Part One – (52 min) Part One looks back to the earliest written records of our race to discover the foundations of human time. Host Hal Holbrook unravels the mystery of our origins and shows how the seven-day week ties us to our creation and our Creator.

Part Two – (47 min) Did you know that church leaders conspired to kill Jesus Christ when He broke their Sabbath rules? Part Two, exposes the political and religious intrigue behind the Saturday-Sunday controversy in the early Christian church. Hal Holbrook, in his intimate and captivating style, weaves little-known historical data and expert testimony into a tapestry of compelling truth.

Part Three – (50 min) Did you know that Ireland’s famous St. Patrick was neither Irish nor Catholic? In Part Three, Hal Holbrook tells about the battle over the seventh-day Sabbath in medieval times. It is a story riddled with fakes and forgeries, warped by legend and propaganda, and steeped in the schemes of patriarchs, popes and kings. With the testimony of experts from England, Scotland and the United States.

Part Four (60 min) Part Four spotlights the resurgence of Sabbath observance in an era of religious upheaval – from the spiritual revolution in late 15-century Russia, through the religious rebellion of the Protestants in the 16th century, to the radical Sabbath revival of England in the 17th century.

Part Five(83 min) Part Five blends history and current events to conclude the chronicle of the seventh-day Sabbath. This is an epic story, worldwide in scope, ranging from the Taiping revolutionaries in China to the millions of Indigenous Sabbatarians of Africa to the remote village of Paruima in South America. It spans the centuries from Roger Williams’ heroic stand for religious liberty in 17th-century America to the crisis of conscience faced by many of today’s Sabbath-keepers. In this final episode , Hal Holbrook shares a 21st – century view of God’s holy day and projects the gift of Sabbath rest into the eternal future.


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