In Letters from a Lonely Isle, Pastor Mark Finley visits fascinating sites in Turkey and the Isle of Patmos as he follows some of the most remarkable letters in history to their seven destinations in Asia Minor.

Each letter is like a prescription written by the Great Physician. They are messages that meet basic human challenges—messages that go to the heart.

More than 1,900 years ago, John the Revelator penned a special document while exiled on the Isle of Patmos. This document contained seven unmistakable letters to specific churches of Asia Minor—churches that faced major challenges and dangers in a hostile, pagan Roman Empire.

1. A Good Step Backward – Ephesus
The members of the Ephesus church constantly sought the truth, but continued to feel empty inside. In order to recover their faith and make progress, they had to take a step backward to rediscover their first love.

2. Look at the Horizon – Smyrna
What if you had to give up everything? Smyrna had to face this very difficult question. The answer contained in this letter can see you through the trials you must face every day.

3. Cutting the Compromise – Pergamum
Pergamum was once known as the “dwelling place of Satan.” Uncover the story of this city to discover how a certain kind of Sword can keep us safe in any environment.

4. When It’s Time to Leave – Thyatira
Faith stopped growing in Thyatira. Learn how to avoid this fate through a letter that speaks of spiritual survival.

5. A Message for the Dead – Sardis
Sardis was a complete underground city, carved several stories into the rock. The story of this remarkable church illustrates how Christians have managed to thrive—even without visible means of support.

6. Find the Open Door – Philadelphia
Believers in Philadelphia were not well. They had little strength, so John wrote this prescription to help them recover their confidence.

7. Shopping Spree Remedy – Laodicea
John’s message to Laodicea provides the cure for an ailing soul. If you have sunk into the spiritual doldrums, go on this special shopping spree to discover the kinds of goods that can rescue your faith.


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