1. A Funny Thing Happened To Bryan Magee
  2. Seeing the Unseen
  3. The Moral Imperative
  4. The Quantum Leap
  5. Turtles All The Way Down
  6. The Burden of Meaninglessness
  7. The Mad Man
  8. The Meaning For Being
  9. Waiting (still) for gabot
  10. Wittgenstein’s edge
  11. Clifford’s Principle
  12. Science & Hope
  13. Hume Drops His Watch
  14. Alternative Histories
  15. Cliff’s Trip
  16. The Chosen
  17. In The Name of No God
  18. Science Works
  19. The Children, What Am I To Do About Them
  20. Delmore Schwartz’s Statues

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