1. What Jesus Taught About Himself
  2. What Jesus Taught About Scripture
  3. What Jesus Taught About Salvation
  4. What Jesus Taught About His Return
  5. What Jesus Taught about the Sabbath
  6. What Jesus Taught about the Judgment
  7. What Jesus Taught about Death
  8. What Jesus Taught about His Church

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  1. david1963 says:

    The Lingering Illusion (revised 4-8-10)

    Definition of an “Idol.”

    An “Idol” is a person, place or thing that we put ahead of “God” or “Love.”

    We did/do this because we did/do not understand the true nature of reality. Jesus does not call this world an “Illusion” but he does tell us “Be in the world and Not of it”

    Look not outside yourself for happiness. For it will fail, and you will be upset each time an Idol falls.

    Love, God or Heaven can not be found where it is not, and looking for it outside of you is impossible. Each idol will fail to bring you what you intend for that idol; Only because it is Not what you are really seeking. You are not seeking the perfect job, house, car, relationship or money. You Are LOOKING FOR LOVE the LOVE that brings Peace beyond All earthly “forms.”

    You can have everything “out here” when you see it all “in there.” Look Not outside yourself. All your pain comes simply from a futile search for what you want, insisting WHERE it must be found (outside of you). What if it IS NOT THERE? Would you prefer to be right or happy?

    Be glad that you are being told TODAY where true Peace and Happiness abides! NO longer LOOK anywhere else, you will fail in your search and each time the job, your relationships, money, house, car Etc… does not bring the desired result you have suffered without true cause.

    It is given you to know the truth, and Not look for it outside yourself. No one who comes here to “earth” in a “body” but must still have hope, some lingering illusion or some “dream” that there is something OUTSIDE of him or herself that will bring Happiness.

    So we wander aimlessly about in search of “SOMETHING” that can never be found. The lingering illusion will keep you seeking until death for something that never was to be found outside of you.

    Take heart and rejoice EVERYTHING that you want can and will be found “within” you. This is not easy but it is very simple. When you find it “within” you then you will SEE IT WITHOUT and it will bring the desired result,Why?

    Because it will have been given to you by your “Creator”, “God”, “Love”, “The Divine Source” and you will understand that you have always had access to ALL THINGS!!



    more to follow……

  2. Thomas Topan says:

    Heya {i�m|i am} for the first time here. I {came across|found} this board and I find It {truly|really} useful & it helped me out {a lot|much}. I hope to give something back and {help|aid} others like you {helped|aided} me.

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